Real Madrid is the Euroleague’s top rebounder

The Whites also dominate in offensive rebounds with the quartet of Slaughter, Mirotic, Begic and Felipe Reyes
Edu Bueno

After four Euroleague match days Real Madrid leads in rebound statistics in the top European competition with a total of 145, more than 36 per game. While other teams are close to matching them in overall rebounds, Pablo Laso’s team is far superior when it comes to offensive rebounds with 60 captures in total and an average of 15 per match. Slaughter (6), Mirotic (5), Begic (4.25) and Reyes (3.75), are the Whites’ strongest players in this area.

Real Madrid’s solid start in the Euroleague, with three wins and one loss in the final second, is in large part owing to their rebound performance. Slaughter’s incorporation has notably strengthened the Whites’ inside play right from the start. The American center has become the model player in rebounds for Laso’s team with six per game, followed by Mirotic with 5, Begic with 4.5 and Reyes with 3.75. Real Madrid lead the table ahead of ex NBA player Shelden Williams’ team Elan Chalon, Maccabi, Olympiacos, Panathinaikos, Siena, Unicaja and CSKA of Moscow, all with over 140 rebounds.

Team Total rebounds Offensive rebounds
Real Madrid  145 60
Elan Chalon 144 48
Maccabi Electra 144 41
Olympiacos 142 56
Panathinaikos 142 40
Montepaschi Siena 142 38
Unicaja de Málaga 142 36
CSKA de Moscú 140 37

But the biggest difference is apparent in offensive rebounds. Real Madrid has captured 60 offensive rebounds and three of its players, Slaughter, Mirotic and Begic, with 2.5 per game, are among the competition’s top ten in this category. Only Olympiacos, with 56 offensive rebounds, is hanging on behind Real Madrid. The rest of the teams haven’t reached 50 rebounds. Much is being said about the Whites’ backcourt strength, but few have pointed out their excellent inside play which, with their dominance in rebounds, allows Real Madrid to construct their electrifying game.

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