71-60 Real Madrid wins its twentieth Comunidad de Madrid Tournament against Asefa Estudiantes

The whites, led by Mirotic (21 points) and Rudy (18 points), renew the championship title for the ninth consecutive time and will arrive unbeaten to the Endesa Supercopa.

Real Madrid got the better of Asefa Estudiantes in the Tournament final of the Comunidad de Madrid and was proclaimed champion one year more making twenty , increasing moreover to nine the series of consecutive titles since the start of the run in 2004-05.The performances of Mirotic, with 21 points and eight rebounds , and Rudy Fernandez with 18 points , were decisive for winning a derby which had nothing to do with that of last week in which Madrid went from less to more and had to stage a comeback. With this victory, the team led by Pablo Laso puts an end to a preseason in which they have won the six games played which makes them one of the firm favourites for the Endesa Supercopa which will begin next Saturday in Zaragoza.

Changing Begic for Slaughter was the only novelty in the five first games of both teams with respect to the final of the Guadalajara Sportquarter Series. The beginning looked similar to the continuation of the final quarter of that game with a very fast rhythm and short possessions without either being able to impose their play. Llull and Mirotic scored for the whites while English, from the distance, provided the reply. A triple from Rudy in the fifth minute put them four up (12-8).

The entry of Kuric and Nogueira for the student team gave the effect desired by Vidaurreta. Not only did it stop the scoring by the whites, but it also gave the team their best run of minutes. The Brazilian centre, with his 230 centimeters in height, became a wall of defense and Madrid was obliged to look for options in the form of long shots which did not go in. The complete opposite of their rival which , in five minutes of inspiration by Kuric (11 points) and Martinez , revolutionized the match with five almost consecutive triples between the two giving Asefa Estudiantes an unexpected lead of +18 at the start of the second quarter (min.13).

The whites responded to the warning from Asefa Estudiantes with a radical change of mentality. They became strong in define with a mixture of aggressivity and anticipation. Reyes and Mirotic increased the intensity under the hoops making it difficult for the Asefa Estudiantes players to penetrate. That translated into five points scored in seven minutes. In the attack, Laso´s players slowed down their possessions and looked for the best options. Mirotic first and then Rudy , with the next 14 points , led a team which on the basis of caste and good aim with the free shots , narrowed the difference until reaching seven below by the interval (32-39, min. 20).

Madrid returned to a match which had become very complicated for them. And after the interval they did the best possible job, bringing back memories of last season with a hyperactive Sergio Rodriguez. The point guard from the Canaries took over the match and gave the whites their best moments. He made his companions run launching counterattacks which were mainly finished off by Mirotic (21 points).From 32-39, in barely six minutes 46-44 was reached. A partial score run of 14-5 put Madrid right back in the fight with slightly less than a quarter still to play. Nevertheless, Asefa Estudiantes resisted the attacks of their rival and maintained an advantage of around five points, which was as far as the comeback went. The defensive rebounds were the main cause of this situation.

Laso put muscle under the hoops to remedy the situation. Reyes and Slaughter responded by increasing the intensity. The North American saw to it that they were shut off in defense and the captain did the rest in attack scooping up everything that fell from the hoop (seven points) to bring the scoreboard to 60 in minute 37.The the best Rudy came through with five consecutive points to finish off the game and obtain a partial score of 11-0 which Reyes terminated with a triple, giving the twentieth title to Real Madrid (71-60).

REAL MADRID 71 (16+16+16+23): Llull (7), Rudy (18), Suárez (7), Mirotic (21) y Begic (0) -cinco inicial- Pocius (0), Draper (0), Reyes (10), S. Rodríguez (2), Carroll (4), Slaugther (2) y Hernangómez (-).
ASEFA ESTUDIANTES 60 (26+13+12+09): Granger (0), English (18), Kirksay (2), Gabriel (9) y Barnes (7) -cinco inicial- Nogueira (2), Guerra (0), Martínez (6), Kuric (14) y Fernández (2).


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