60-86: Real Madrid beat Blusens Monbus and will dispute the Sportsquarters Tournament final

Sergio Rodriguez, with 13 points, 4 assists, and 4 rebounds was the most outstanding player on the white team, which will measure up against Asefa Estudiantes on Sunday.

A good game by Real Madrid, which classified for the Guadalajara Sportsquarters Tournament final after beating Blusens Monbus (60-86). Sergio Rodriguez’s notable encounter, carrying Real Madrid’s counterattack, and the basket-making ability of Mirotic and Reyes, led to a comfortable victory for Pablo Laso’s men. Asefa Estudiantes will be the rival that the white team will face to win the tournament on Sunday at 12:00 noon.

The first quarter started out dominated by Blusens Monbus, which was able to get 6 points ahead. Laso’s men came out with Mirotic, Begic, Sergio Llull, Suarez, and Draper to start, but the Galicians’ good inside game and the lack of a skillful defense on the part of Real Madrid led to a Blusens lead on the scoreboard. Two consecutive three-pointers by Mirotic tied the game, and after Slaughter, Rudy Fernandez, and Serio Rodriguez went in, the whites took control of the game. Suarez, Rudy, and Sergio Rodriguez turned the scoreboard around quickly (13-29) with a three-pointer each.

The second quarter began with the Real Madrid team making three-point shots. First Rudy and then Pocius established a 12 point lead for Real Madrid (18-30), the largest up until that time. Then home-grown Willy Hernangomez went in for the Read Madrid team and Jorge Sanz, previously a player for Real Madrid, went in for Blusens Monbus. Draper fouled Jorge Sanz and Sanz cut back the lead. Personal fouls began to play an important role, and Read Madrid took advantage of this with free throws by Llull, Reyes, and Hernangomez. A three-pointer by Sergio Rodriguez put distance between the two teams again (32-44) when reaching half time.

When they came back, the team led by Pablo Laso came out attacking directly with quick fast breaks and skill in the inside game. This led to a 22-point lead (40-62), the largest of the game so far, following points made by Begic and Llull and a triple-pointer by Sergio Rodriguez. With that, the Real Madrid point guard became the team’s top scorer, and with him on the floor the white squad took advantage of his assists to go on to win the game, staying ahead on the scoreboard at all times. Rudy Fernandez went out with an injury due to ankle strain as a result of a fall in the first half. The last quarter was worked hard too, and the Real Madrid lead on the scoreboard stayed around 20 points. The good performance of Sergio Rodriguez, Felipe Reyes, and Mirotic should be emphasized, who took advantage of the last minutes to increase their personal statistics. The game ended at 60-86, with the greatest lead of the game, at 26 points.

Blusens Mombus 60 (16+16+17+11): A. Rodríguez (7), Kendall (15), Junyent (9), Corbacho (2), Buford (2) -cinco inicial-; Posse (0), Jorge Sanz (4), Mallo (0), M. Ángel García (4), Dewar (0), Mejri (14) y Freire (3).Real Madrid 86 (20+24+24+18): Draper (2), Suárez (7), Mirotic (16), Begic (6), Llull (8), cinco inicial-; Slaughter (4), Rudy Fernández (8), Pocius (6), Reyes (12), Sergio Rodríguez (13) y Hernangómez (4),

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